Ever wondered about how to carry off the latest beauty trend of the season? Or what products to use to make those dark circles disappear? Well, help is finally here. Send in your queries to our resident hair and makeup specialist Ayesha Babar at Ayesha@asianstylemagazine.com, and we will get you your answers!

Q- I am a 19-year old and really want to start trying out brighter lipsticks. So far I only wear gloss in very light colours. Since I have darker skin I am not sure what bright colours will suit me. Can you please help?

(Tia K, Bradford)


A – Hi Tia – A bright lip colour, if done well, can really take a look from ordinary to standout. When wearing a bright colour, there are a bright-lipstick-dark-skin-beauty-tipscouple of things that you need to keep in mind.

If you have not worn bright colours before I would suggest starting off with a hot pink or coral shade. This might help you ease into the look and these shades are also more forgiving in terms of lining and shaping the lips.

When buying, look for colours with a warm or neutral undertone to complement your skin tone.

And finally, confidence is key. Whatever lip colour you wear, wear it with a smile!


Q – I have been wearing mascara ever since I can remember. However, recently I have noticed that every time I wash it off, I lose a couple of lashes and the rest of them look brittle. I cannot imagine life without mascara – please help!

 (Tanushree Singh, London)

how-to-apply-mascaraA – Dear Tanushree – As with any product that we use, it is important to give our skin and hair a break occasionally and also to take care of our bodies from within. The weaker lashes might be due to an inadequate diet. Remember that lashes, just like the hair on our head, need proper nutrition to be healthy. I would recommend you start by making sure that you are having a balanced diet with fruits and leafy green vegetables.

Using the tiniest bit of argan or olive oil on your lashes has also proven to be helpful to some. As part of your bedtime skincare, you can massage the oil between two fingers and then give a gentle coat to your lashes. You do have to make sure that you are using a very small quantity.

If you are not comfortable using oil, you can also get lash serums from skincare brands such as Clinique and Lancome that strengthen lashes over time. 



Q – Ever since I have entered my forties, my skin has started breaking out and that leaves acne scars behind. What can I do to stop the acne problems and to cover the marks when using makeup?

(Mrs Sarina Mandivala, London)

A – Hello Mrs Mandivala – For women, the forties is a time when the body is undergoing woman doing makeup hidden facehormonal changes and imbalances once again, just as it did during teenage years. I would recommend making sure you are drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water, even in the winter and increasing your fresh fruit and vegetable intake. If the problem still persists, you may need to go see a skin specialist as there could be a deeper underlying problem.

Makeup can greatly help reduce the appearance of acne scars. Once you have applied your foundation, take a concealer with a creamy consistency in a peach-based tone and dab it onto the marks. It is important to choose a creamy texture as you do not want a concealer that will dry out the marks and make them look more prominent. Also, during application, make sure you are not rubbing the concealer into the skin but rather dabbing just enough to cover the spot. Proceed with the rest of your makeup as usual.