BY Ayesha Babar

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Dear Ayesha, I am not much of a makeup user and I essentially save the effort for special occasions only. I have a few eye shadows that I bought a couple of years ago and have held onto them because they suit me. They are also all very good quality products from high-end brands. My issue is that the last two times that I have done heavy eye makeup, I have ended up with red eyes that have often become itchy. This does become better within a day usually so I have not seen a doctor yet. What could be the problem?

(Jeevan R, Birmingham)

Dear Jeevan: It sounds to me like you are experiencing a reaction to one of the ingredients in the eye makeup that you are using. Also, you say that you have had the same makeup for many years now and that could be the problem. Although makeup does not have an expiry date as such, it is strongly advised to throw away any unused product after 6 months to 2 years; 6 months max for any eye makeup while foundations and face powders can be used for up to 2 years. It is highly likely that your eye makeup has developed some kind of bacteria which is now causing the reaction.

I would recommend getting rid of the older eye makeup and sanitizing any tools and brushes that have come into contact with this makeup. Give your eyes a few days’ rest and then start afresh. I hope this helps but if the problem does persist, please seek medical advice.

Dear Ayesha, I am very concerned about my teenage daughter as the quality of her hair has become very bad recently. She has taken to styling her hair recently and ask ayesha 2even though we have bought her the best products, the damage is still there. It is weak, and breaks easily and has become much drier in texture. What can I advise her to do? 

(Sumbul J, London)

Dear Sumbul: while the texture and quality of our hair does depend a lot on our genes, taking care of the hair is imperative. Does your daughter style her hair often using heated stylers and tools? If that is the case, you need to speak to her to reduce the heat exposure. The teenage years are when we are discovering our bodies and also is the time when we tend to experiment with our hair the most. Give her confidence in the texture / natural style of her hair so that she feels less compelled style it as often.

It will also be worthwhile to start using some natural products once a week to return the lost nourishment and moisture to the hair. Depending on the hair type, a mixture of eggs, yogurt and olive oil is usually effective.

I need your suggestion for a foundation that I can wear to work every day. I am currently using a mineral Ask Ayesha 3foundation from a high street brand but I feel that wearing it every day is making my skin look dull.  Which one should I choose?

(Rachel, London)

Dear Rachel: Wearing foundation every day and for long hours can start damaging our skin quality and pores. If you must wear foundation every day, I would suggest you develop a thorough skin care regime which should include removing the makeup with a gentle yet effective makeup cleanser as soon as you get home. Try to give your skin at least 8 – 10 hours of breathing time if possible.

In the meantime, I would recommend that you try out a tinted moisturiser or a bb cream as these are a combination of moisturisers and foundation and are less harsh on the skin. MAC and Laura Mercier both do really good tinted moisturisers and if you wish to stick to a less expensive option then check out Bourjois, Maybelline and Rimmel. Don’t let go of the skin care routine though as regardless of whatever you apply, it will help protect your skin in the long run.