Ever wondered about how to carry off the latest beauty trend of the season? Or what products to use to make those dark circles disappear? Well help is finally here. Send in your queries to our resident hair and makeup specialist Ayesha Babar to Ayesha@asianstylemagazine.com, and we will get you your answers!

eyes-dark-circlesQ– I finished university last year and have since started working with a firm where I have to work long hours during the week. I have noticed that no matter what I do, my face, and especially my eyes end up looking tired. Can you please share any tips to make my eyes look less tired? 

(Sasha Z, London )

A – Hi Sasha, our eyes are usually one of the first places that start showing signs of fatigue. Before I start talking about how makeup can help, you need to understand that rest, a balanced diet and exercise are essential to good health and beauty from inside out.

Being sleep-deprived and working long hours can make the eyes look dry and sunken. I would recommend using a soothing eye cream before you go to bed. This does not need to be anti-ageing since you are still quite young but definitely something that is rich and moisturising. You will start noticing and feeling a difference after just a few days regular use.

In terms of makeup, avoid using very dark colours all over the lid. Go for a wash of a gold or peach tone with a warm shimmer as that will make the eyes pop. Using mascara on the upper and lower lashes and a flesh-toned eye pencil in the lower waterline will really open up your eyes too!

Q – I spent a mini fortune on a foundation from a high-end brand recently and it was only after I opened the bottle and started using the foundationfoundation that I realised that the consistency is much thicker than I had wanted it to be. Even putting the slightest amount of the foundation makes my face look cakey which I really don’t like. I don’t want to waste this foundation so was wondering if there is anything I can do to change the coverage?

 (Jess Tam, London)

A – Dear Jess, I totally agree with you – a cakey look makes the wearer look too made up and should be left for brides and photo shoots where there is lots of light and cameras. For the rest of the time, it is definitely better to go with a light to medium coverage foundation that enhances your own skin.

Don’t worry – there are still ways to rescue your foundation. I would suggest that the next time you are using the foundation add some of your regular moisturiser to it. Mixing it in a one-to-one ratio and then applying it will change the coverage from full to medium. Focus on applying the mixture to the centre of the face, on the t-zone and then work that outwards onto the rest of your face. Without using more product, blend what is left on your brush down onto your neck so that there are no harsh lines.

dark-circles-concealorQ – I have inherited really pigmented dark circles from my mother and have had them since I was still at school. Over the years I have tried to cover them up using thicker and thicker concealers but they refuse to go away. In fact if I layer on too much concealer then the dark circles become even more prominent and start looking a bit grey. Help needed!

(Mandira, London)

A – Dear Mandira, while there are many benefits of having Asian skin as women (less fine lines and wrinkles as we age) there are also some things that our skin is more prone too. One of them is hyper-pigmentation. This means that for a lot of us the skin under our eyes and around our mouth takes on much darker tones than the rest of our face and can be this difficult to conceal.

The most important and probably also the most ignored step to even out our skin tone is to use a colour corrector. In your case, I would recommend using an orange toned corrector after you have moisturised the area under the eye. You only need the slightest amount to dab gently onto this area. If you then proceed with your concealer you will notice that the orange has cancelled the dark tones and that your concealer can even out the colour more effectively. Colour correctors are now widely available with most of the top brands, including MAC and Bobbi Brown.