Award winning Indian restaurant Namaaste Kitchen is kicking off Spring with a brand new addition to their menu to coincide with their fifth birthday celebrations. The Great Kebab Menu is a whopping nine course set menu created by owner and chef patron Sabbir Karim, which caters for vegetarians and carnivores alike.

 The Great Kebab menu offers diners a unique dining experience and uses recipes that combine the ancient with the contemporary. The kebabs themselves are from all over the Indian Subcontinent and prepared in a variety of different styles – roasted on the tandoor or on a sighri, shallow fried in a tawa, deep fried in kadhai or even grilled on a stone.

Some of the tasty treats on offer
Some of the tasty treats on offer

Both the vegetarian and meat eaters’ menus have nine tasting courses each but there’s a special twist to these menus that make them different to others: if you take a particular liking to one of the dishes then you can order that dish as many times as you like. If this wasn’t enough then guests have the chance to be seated at the chef’s table and experience the mouth-watering kebabs being prepared live in a spectacular fashion.

Chef Patron and owner Sabbir Karim said: “We’re really excited about this new addition of The Great Kebab menu at Namaaste Kitchen. It gives our regular and new customers the chance to try a wide variety of grill items on the menu that they might not have tried and which may not be available elsewhere in the Indian food scene”.

Namaaste Kitchen is based in Camden and was first launched in 2010. It has previously scooped Best Indian Restaurant of the Year at the Asian Curry Awards, alongside Chef-Patron Sabbir Karim who has twice won Best Chef of the Year at the Asian Curry Awards as well as the Best Innovative Chef award. The restaurant is very theatrical in nature, with an open kitchen where diners can watch their meals being expertly prepared before their eyes. The menu spans India North to South and East to West, from quick and easy street food to an extensive choice of modern and traditional curries, biryanis and a delicious range of gluten-free, vegan and halal options.

 The Non-Vegetarian menu is priced at £22.95 per head and starts off with an assortment of Tandoori Indian Bread and Tawa Seared Scallops. Following that there will be a host of dishes arriving at your table one after the other including Tandoori Sholay Salmon marinated with dill and mustard and the Chicken Tikka Shashlik served with charred red peppers, red onions and tomatoes, and another five dishes on top of this.

 The Vegetarian menu, priced at £17.95 per head, starts with the assortment of Tandoori Indian Bread and a Lazeez Paneer Tikka which is cottage cheese flavoured with cream royal cumin, green cardamom and cooked in the tandoor. Following this, dishes from the menu include the Tandoori Portobello Mushroom filled with figs, cashew nuts, raisins, green chilli and homemade cheese. Another show stopping item on this menu is the Dhall Makhani, slow cooked black lentils which is a speciality of the North West frontier of India.

All dishes are composed by Sabbir Karim, who having drawn inspiration from years of traveling across the world, then took this culinary inspiration and turned it into a thriving business.