Astro-Numerologist Swetta Jumaani, is the recipient of the ‘Legend of India Award’ and the Sooryadutta National Award.

With over 15 years of experience, she has been instrumental in changing the destinies of numerous people for the better.

Jumaanis’ recent Bollywood successes include: Rohit Shetty’s Golmaal Again which rocked the Box-office again. It has been labelled the ‘Best Golmaal’ film so far and Jumaani who suggested the name has already coined a fresh title for the next instalment of the Best Comedy franchise of Bollywood.

In an interview with Asian Style, Swetta Jumaani talks about her predictions about the young, forthcoming actors in Bollywood and the future for the industry.

Swetta, tell us a bit about life as an astro-numerologist. What are some of the challenges you face?

Mostly, at the beginning, I used to feel very depressed looking at people’s problems. Now that I’m used to it, I’m cool about it.

What I really don’t like, is when men cry like a baby about their problems. In my whole career of 15 years I have seen at least 3-4 men have cried in front of me. That’s the only thing I feel bad about.

Otherwise, it’s a very easy thing for me because I’ve been doing it since childhood. I don’t look at it as ‘work’ so I’m hardly working.

You hail from an eminent numerological family and your brother Sanjay Jumaani is also highly acclaimed in this field. How much of a guide and mentor has he been?

It all began from my father Bansilal Jumaani. Wherever we are today, it is because of my brother and his marketing skills.

I’ve been learning numerology from my father since I was a kid. Sanjay was a non-believer, it was literally forced on him because after my marriage, I was all over the country with my husband, who was in the air-force.

Ekta Kapoor found out about my father and got hold of him. But we started from the base, we couldn’t even afford to keep a telephone wire at home, we were so poor.

Being my father who then became very busy, old man and handling it alone, Sanjay helped out. The way my brother has handled it is amazing.

For me, it was my passion – so it’s not a big deal. But for Sanjay, who wasn’t as passionate before, is 50 or 100 times more passionate than me.

Even at parties he talks about numerology!

You have many celebrity clients and been responsible for a few successes, like suggesting new release date for Padmaavat, to name a few. How rewarding is this feeling?

There are some things in vibrations knowing your lucky colours and numbers, for instance, it can help you amount of a lot of mess.

For example, with Chennai Express, you saw the logo going up. We suggest to everybody that the logo should go up. Going upwards is a good sign.

But I tell you what gives us a kick, is when childless couples thank us for being blessed with a baby.

There are people who tell us about going through a divorce but after getting our advice, this doesn’t happen.

You find more of ordinary people whose lives are changing and that makes me very happy.

Who in particular do you enjoy working with and why?

Actually, what happens is that they don’t have so much time to meet us repeatedly.

Once we have made them understand a certain thing, it is either their staff that communicates with us.

It’s not like we keep talking to each other. Communication is usually done through mail, SMS or WhatsApp.

From the new Bollywood celebrities to be launched like Ishaan, Janhvi and Ananya, whom do you predict will make it big?

Ishaan amounts to (numerological number) ‘2’ and November makes him a Scorpio. The biggest Superstar we have today is Shahrukh Khan – his birthday is on 2nd November and he is also Scorpio.

Ishaan Khatter has great chances.

Amongst the girls, Janhvi Kapoor will be my top pick.

Janhvi Kapoor is born on the same month as Alia Bhatt – though Janhvi is 6th and Alia is 15th March. Regardless of the date, both are still amount to the numerological number of ‘6’.

She is born on the date of 30th October that makes her a Scorpio. Ananya is going to be very beautiful and wealthy.

After Janhvi, I put my hopes on Ananya Panday, who of course, is going to be very good. But Janhvi will always have a little (numerological) upper-hand than her.

Finally, What do you see in the future for Bollywood?

Even in 2000, numerology started. Our first hit of the year was ‘Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai.’ Remember the two ‘A’s in the ‘Naa’ and the one extra ‘A’ in the ‘Pyaar’, That was the year numerology started and Bollywood started making those bucks.

For Bollywood, in general, this is going to make a great year. Let me tell you the reason.

The Year 2018 is totalling to (numerological number) two. Two is the number of superstars and of the Bollywood industry. For instance: Dilip Kumar, Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan are born on days speaking ‘two’.

So, the superstar number is 2. It’s a very good number and going to be a great year for Bollywood.

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