It’s the fourth installment and slated for a Diwali release. Expectations are sky high especially with the franchise returning after a gap of seven years since the last super hit.

The cast features the usual mischievous bunch of Ajay Devgn, Arshad Warsi, Shreyas Talpade, Tusshar Kapoor and Kunal Khemu who are will be joined by Parineeti Chopra and the versatile Tabu along with a twist which involves a ghost.

If the behind the scenes footage is anything to go by, the Rohit Shetty-directed movie was a laugh a riot during the making which assures audiences to expect nothing less on the big screen.

Yes, we are talking about Golmaal Again and to find out more we caught up with the ever so jolly and ludicrously entertaining Arshad Warsi in an exclusive chat about what went on during film-making and what can audiences expect from the franchise.

It’s the fourth installment, so expectations are high, but rumour has it that you believe Golmaal Again will rake in more than 200 Crore at the box office. What makes you so confident?

(laughs) I didn’t say or put any figures, but yes, I am extremely confident. It’s a franchise that people have been waiting for since, seven years. I know how the team is, how the production house, how Rohit Shetty and his team is. He does not take a step unless he is sure, so that’s what happens. The first Golmaal was a big hit, the second Golmaal, was not such a big hit, therefore the third he really worked hard on and the third one was a super duper hit and I know that he knows the magic now. The fourth I am pretty sure, with a little ghost angle it’s a whole new thing and it’s exciting.

Oooh Ghost angle, sounds exciting.

Yes, it will do well.

You’ve reunited with your colleagues after a gap of seven years, so I am just trying to imagine, especially how we always get to hear about all the pranks and such things that you guys play on set, what the first day of shoot was like. What was the reunion on set like?

You know it’s really amazing, but I think guys are like that. Because it’s like literally we met on the set and it’s just like we finished the last one and we are back on set after a small break. It was absolutely no different in people’s relations with each other or their behaviour or anything like that. The only thing we could all sense was a bit of maturity and that’s about it, which only lasted a day and then everyone was back to how they were about seven years back. So, I would say nothing has changed. As silly as ever. You know sometimes I feel like it’s kids in a candy store. There’s a whole bunch of grown up men who are mentally about 12 or 13 and who are having a great time on set and while doing this and having a good time, they are also making a film. So, no there was no different we just picked it from where we left it.

We’ve been watching the behind the scenes footage and there seems to have been a lot of fun and pranks happening on set. Was there ever a prank played on you and if so can you tell us what prank was played on you?

No there was no prank played on me.  I tell you what, I think maybe being one of the senior one’s of the lot, there were very little pranks on me, Rohit, Ajay and Tusshar. It’s the others who get cornered and this time it was Parineeti who was the new one, so she got ragged a lot. So, I got saved.

You know every-time something happened, pretty much everyone is involved, but I think the two most mischievous guys on set were Ajay and Rohit. They are very mischievous the both of them.

Golmaal AgainGolmaal franchise has been so successful, you’re on the fourth one now, do you think there is ever a danger of people getting bored of watching the same characters over and over again?

There is no danger of people getting bored of the characters, that’s the whole trick. I don’t believe that when you make a sequel, a sequel is made because the characters work, not the film. You can have a great film, for example Dilwale Dulhaniya Le jayenge is a great film, but you can’t have a part two of the film you know what I mean. I can make a part two of Munna Bhai, I can make a part two of Ishqiya, I can make a part two of Superman and Batman, because you like those characters. Golmaal is that. You like these four characters, you like Gopal, Madhav and Lucky and Laqshman, you like them and that’s the reason why they work. I would not allow anyone to change the characters, I know what the audiences are coming to watch in the theatre, to see those same idiots doing those same things. So, you should not change that.

Your character Madhav is a brilliant character, how much of your own do you bring to the character.

Fatima, absolutely none (both laugh)

You know that’s the fun of it. Out of all the sequels I have done and out of all the characters I have played my favourite character is Babban from Ishqiya and Dedh Ishqiya. Why, because I am nothing like that character, and I had a lot of fun doing it. You have a regular chap but I don’t talk or behave like that. So, I guess a little bit of me is there, but not a lot.

We talked about one of the new additions to the cast Parineeti, earlier and how she got ragged, there is also another addition to the team with Tabu. Considering you guys are all very mischievous how has Tabu fit in with the team, considering she has this image of portraying serious roles and seems to be of a not so mischievous nature?

You know the first time I saw Tabu on the set I was kidding with her and I looked at her and said what are doing on this set. I told her you are on the wrong set. She was like oh God don’t say that. But you know she wants to do this. She is a brilliant actor and a brilliant actor wants to do everything and Tabu is capable of doing everything. It’s just that because she has the stamp of being a serious actor, she doesn’t get the opportunities to do the mad films that we do. So, she wanted to do this, she had the desire to do so and had mentioned it to Rohit. So, when this role came up, Rohit absolutely believed that Tabu fit the role and she is so good in the film, you have to see it. Her comedy is very subtle and natural.

So, what’s next for you?

I have two more of my past things that I have to complete, one is the next instalment of Dhamaal and part 3 of Munna Bhai, so next year I have to finish these two. I have another film that I am going to start after Golmaal is completely off my mind, maybe mid-November I will be starting a film called Veer Parera. So, a busy year ahead.

We wish you a fabulous year ahead and all the success with Golmaal Again.

Golmaal Again is out in cinemas worldwide on 19 October.