The actor tested positive for Coronavirus over a month ago and shared on Instagram that he had tested positive for the virus and that he was asymptomatic and had isolated himself at home.

Kapoor has now issued a statement regarding how he is currently feeling.

Kapoor posted a statement on his Instagram saying, “Hi! I’m happy to report that I have tested negative to coronavirus over the weekend.”

He said, “I’m feeling better after making a full recovery and excited to return to work. Thank you, everyone, for your good wishes and positivity,”

Kapoor has advised his followers to maintain all safety precautions, he said to his fans that the virus is serious and requests that everyone takes it seriously.

He said “People should understand that coronavirus affects everyone – young and old. So, please wear a mask at all times!

 “Thank you BMC for your support and help and a huge salute to all the frontline workers who are risking everything to take care of us. We are forever indebted to you guys.”