It appears that Janhvi Kapoor, along with sister – Khushi Kapoor and father Boney Kapoor, visited Arjun Kapoor’s residence last night for dinner. Several pictures were clicked and published of the ‘Dhadak’ actress looking pretty in a white dress as she exited Arjun’s home.

However, a news portal who was not impressed with Jahnvi’s outfit attire at all. Subsequently, that news outlet reported about it and in the process, objectified her vulgarly.

Arjun Kapoor, who came across the post took to Twitter to hit back at the portal and slammed them for their negligence. He wrote: “U know what F**k u man f**k u as a website for highlighting or bringing it to anyone’s attention…and it’s shameful that ur eye would go searching for something like this shame on u…this is how our country looks at young women yet another shining example…ashamed by this…”

Truly, a befitting reply and rightly so!

A few months ago, an ardent fan of Arjun badmouthed Janhvi and Khushi and even criticized Boney. Anshula Kapoor slammed the troll and wrote, “Hi, I’m requesting you to refrain from using abusive language especially towards my sisters, I do not appreciate it & have therefore deleted ur comments. While I am grateful for your passion & love for bhai & me, just a small correction – I was never working outside India. Let’s please spread joy & good vibes. Thank you for the love.”

During Sridevi’s sudden passing, Arjun and Anjula were the backbones of the entire family and Boney thanked his children saying, “I am blessed to have the support and love of Arjun and Anshula, who have been such pillars of strength for myself, Khushi and Janhvi. Together, as a family, we have tried to face this unbearable loss.”