By Ninder Kaur

Bollywood’s anticipated rom-com movie is out today and we find out what leading actress Alia Bhatt’s ideal shaandaar is.

Actress Alia Bhatt has described her ideal, ‘shaandaar’ date and it favours comfort and casual

Alia Bhatt
Alia Bhatt

over extraordinary and grand. She explains, “I’m not into this whole candlelight, going out and dressing up thing. I want to sit at home in a pyjama and watch my favourite TV show like Game Of Thrones, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I also want to eat my favourite cheat food like pizza.”

Dates are supposed to be comfortable and allow you to be yourself and Alia wants exactly that on a date night. She adds, “I want to be in the comfort of my home with my partner and just be myself and not go out and dress up. My shaandaar ideal date would be that.”


Shaandaar is out in cinema today.