The ‘Afreen’ girl Momina Mustehsan, who was recently in news for calling off her engagement, on Valentine’s Day, made it official that she is definitely single.


The ‘Coke Studio’ sensation posted a snap on Snapchat about a gift she received for Valentine’s Day and captioned it, “Single girls get Valentine’s gifts too. Thanks @beoneshopone”

She even took to her Facebook page to post a message about calling of the marriage and captioned it, “To all concerned about my engagement.”

The message read, “Yes, our families have mutually agreed to call off the engagement. Earlier when the news broke, I requested everyone not to jump to conclusion and to not speak on my behalf on such a personal matter, and let me be the one to make the announcement when need be. No one gets engaged to have it called off, but sometimes things don’t go the way you would have wanted to or thought. Such is life. Fortunately, the best part of our life is that it goes on. It has to 🙂 I would appreciate if no further speculations are made.”

For the unversed, a news daily in Pakistan, some time back, revealed that the singer has called off her engagement with Ali Naqvi, a US-based banker.

Momina then, responding to the news, took to Facebook and wrote, addressing the social media, which said, “IF there’s something that needs to be shared with the world, I’ll make the announcement myself.”

The whole message read:

“Dear social media,

In case you don’t realize, I’m human too. Just like everyone, I have a personal life that I have every right to keep to myself. Please don’t turn it into a joke and a source of entertainment. IF there’s something that needs to be shared with the world, I’ll make the announcement myself. But please stop spreading stories based on guess-work, especially when they really are none of your business.

I’d appreciate if these so-called news pages remove these stupid articles they’ve been circulating. Please stop selling my personal life for clicks and views.Thanks.”