Shweta Tripathi plays Golu Gupota in the upcoming second season ‘Mirzapur’ and shared her encounter of her extensive gun training.

Mirzapur is a crime hit drama and the second season is full of revenge and twists.

Tripathi said, “I still remember the first time I held a gun. I knew right away that I had to train for this. We used real guns, so I worked with stunt director Manohar Verma for 10 days at his training arcade,”

She added that she used to take her husband, rapper SlowCheeta, on training sessions.

Tripathi said “He was supremely excited to see me push the boundaries and prepare for Golu 2.0. I used to put on earplugs and music while training.”

“The confidence came on the set. While emoting with blazing guns, making sure it went off smoothly was a tough challenge — especially for someone like me, because I don’t like violence. This was not Shweta, but Golu’s journey. I was living Golu’s life.”

Tripathi shared that she had to prepare herself emotionally on the first day of her shoot in Mumbai.

She said, “This was the first time I was doing action, and I had started much in advance to train physically. The character has an interesting arc and we see her in a very different light this season.

“She couldn’t have looked like Golu from season one. I would finish shooting and train daily. We don’t see many women holding guns, so if I am doing it I wanted to do it well,”

Tripathi says it is important to work with people you trust. She explained how gun training was important.

“But masterji would keep reminding me that it had to be Golu’s emotions. It was a tough part to crack and when that happens with a character you know every beat of and have played for an entire season, it’s thrilling.”

Mirzapur season 2 will be released on the Amazon Prime Video streaming service on Friday, October 23