Aamir Khan is known for his choice of films. Lately, he has surprised everyone with his selection of films each and every time. Not only for his stellar performance and body transformation, Aamir is applauded for his selection of strong contents as well.

Aamir Khan talks about the blunder that made him conscious about selecting good roles

Aamir’s name has become synonymous with a great content. If there is Aamir Khan involved, people believe that there must be something great in the box. He is one of the most trustable brands today in India. However, Mr. Perfectionist, the name Aamir is fondly called in Bollywood, wasn’t this much conscious about the selection of scripts earlier in his career.

Talking to Deccan Chronicle, Aamir revealed his one of the biggest mistakes in his career for which he still feels ashamed. The ‘Dangal’ actor called ‘Aantak Hi Anatak’ (1995) his worst role ever. ‘Aatank Hi Atank’ was inspired by the American crime movie, ‘The Godfather’ and Aamir had portrayed the character of Michael Corleone in the Bollywood’s version.

“After the release of this film, I was shocked. I felt like I shouldn’t have done the film. No sooner did I watch the film did I realise that I have really done a very bad job. I chose some not-so-good roles at the beginning of my career,” Aamir said to the daily adding that the film had a lot of blunders that was unfortunately noticed only after the film released. “I felt we did not make the film keeping the Indian audiences in mind. It didn’t suit the weather conditions at all. Why would anyone wear a coat in this heat? We definitely went overboard.”

Aamir Khan talks about the blunder that made him conscious about selecting good roles

Aamir also revealed that he couldn’t sleep for almost three to four weeks at a stretch after the release of ‘Aatank Hi Atank’. Despite his performance received praises from critics, he couldn’t forgive himself for the blunders in the film.

However, as there’s a saying that “Every mistake teaches something”, Aamir also realized that he must be careful while choosing his roles. “It was a soul-stirring realisation. I started choosing films and characters with utmost sincerity and clarity. I started working on my character’s looks. This makes a character real and worth watching as well.”

What we learn from this is everything happens for a good cause. If Aamir hadn’t done ‘Aatank Hi Atank’, he wouldn’t become cognizant of good scripts selection and we wouldn’t have got the kind of films he has delivered in last few years.