Ever wondered about how to carry off the latest beauty trend of the season? Or what products to use to make those dark circles disappear? Well, help is finally here. Send in your queries to our resident hair and makeup specialist Ayesha Babar to ayeshababarmakeup@gmail.com, and we will get you your answers!

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Bright lipstick can be tricky to get right

Dear Ayesha,

I really like wearing bright lipstick but often when I wear my lipstick it goes on my teeth, which can be awkward. Can you please suggest what I can do to stop it from going on to my teeth?

(Tanzy, London)

Dear Tanzy,

It can indeed be quite embarrassing when lipstick bleeds on to teeth and becomes even more prominent when it is a bright colour.

Before you start your makeup, exfoliate your lips and massage a balm into the lips. Line and fill your lips with a lip pencil of the same colour as your lipstick, or a neutral colour if you don’t have the same colour available. Apply the first layer of lipstick and then blot your lips using a clean paper towel. Then, apply a second layer of lipstick. Doing so, will not only stop your lipstick from bleeding out on to your teeth but will also make it last much longer.

Dear Ayesha,

My hair tends to become very flat during the course of the day, no matter how I style it. What can I do to increase the volume in my hair?

Voluminous hair
Voluminous hair is every woman’s envy

(Sophie K, London)

Dear Sophie,

Voluminous hair is every woman’s envy! Depending on the texture of the hair, choose a shampoo that provides a deep clean. Clean hair provides lift from the root and volume that will last till your next wash. Also, keep your hair hydrated. It might sound surprising but oiling it before washing it will give it a deeper clean.

There are a few other things to keep in mind that will help. When drying your hair, turn your head upside down, and then blow your hair on a medium setting.

Change your parting often as having the hair parted the same way makes it flatter over time. Changing the part will ensure more volume on the crown.

Dear Ayesha,

My problem is rather embarrassing. I am 16 years old and have been suffering from body odour for a few years. I use a deodorant but still I would like some kind of a solution that will reduce it naturally.

(Sana, Bradford)

As the warm weather creeps in, how can you beat body odour?
As the warm weather creeps in, how can you beat the body odour?
Dear Sana,

You are not alone in this. Body odour is something that affects many people. Puberty and adolescence are especially difficult times as our bodies are undergoing hormonal changes, and one of the main changes that occurs during this time is that our body starts producing odour.

The odour is usually caused by bacteria that grow in different areas on our body, especially the areas where we tend to sweat more. This is why the problem is usually worse in the warmer summer months.

The key to minimising body odour is hygiene. Washing the affected areas daily will also help. Wearing natural fabrics such as cotton and silk instead of nylons and polyester allows the skin to breathe and reduces sweat and thus odour.

For smell emanating from your underarms, take a piece of cotton wool and dab tea-tree oil daily. Tea-tree oil is extremely effective in getting rid of odour-causing bacteria.

Mixing one tablespoon baking soda with one tablespoon of lemon juice and dabbing (not rubbing) it on your underarm area for a few minutes daily before you shower will also reduce odour considerably.