By Ninder Kaur,


It’s a question nearly everyone on the planet asks themselves at some point unless they are extremely lucky and blessed with amazing skin that’s never oily. (So unfair, I know) But for those of you who are fed up of your skin looking too oily, shiny and greasy then follow our simple guide.


The Do’s


  • Wash with salicylic acid.oily skin 3


A majority of cleansers contain salicylic acid, which penetrates into the pores, and help remove fats that clog the pores, which lead to blackheads. So washing with salicylic acid will help reduce that.

  • Use oil-free foundations.


Yes ladies. If you want to avoid creating more of a shine and potentially clogging pores, make sure your foundation is oil-free. There are plenty of products out there. Also, use a powder blush instead of a cream formula to avoid oiliness.

  • blotting paperUse blotting paper.

Washing your face during the day can be difficult, especially for women who wear makeup. Instead, dermatologists recommend using blotting paper. Blotting paper are great at absorbing the extra oil without washing your face, and they are not irritating to the skin. Paper towels can act as a substitute, but blotting paper is better because it contains a small amount of powder, which evens out skin color.


The Don’ts


  • Don’t use creamy or milk cleansers.oily skin model


These types of cleansers deposit unnecessary lipids oils on the skin, which can make you feel even oilier. That’s the last thing we need.

  • Don’t moisturise.


Even better than searching for the perfect oil-free moisturiser is ditching this step altogether. Instead, use a gel or serum with anti-aging ingredients. It will work wonders and you will be well on you way to noticing a difference.


  • Don’t over wash.


What people need to understand is that oily skin isn’t a hygiene problem, so extra cleansing isn’t the answer. If you wash too much, you can strip your face of the essential oils that serve as a barrier to a lot of irritants. By doing this, you can cause your face to become red and raw. It’s better to wash twice a day an

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